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Rena Guinn is a singer songwriter at heart. Her love of folk, old-style country, rock and roll, blues and americana, deeply influences her songs. Her father was a musician, singer and songwriter and raised her to be an avid listener and connoisseur of real music.

You will find her with her acoustic guitar and foot tambourine, singing her heart out. She has a way of sharing emotion through her voice that grabs the listener and leaves them wanting more. Her songs can be graceful and soft and also, edgy, honest and fiery. She is not afraid to lay out the truth or be vulnerable with her life challenges and joys and share them with the audience. Her vocal range and exploration have been known to silence a bar and tug on the heart strings. She will have you dancing, swaying and maybe crying. In 2021 she released her debut EP, titled, 'Shine.' Recorded at Sunwood Recording in Trumansburg NY with owner and engineer, Chris Ploss. She was accompanied by many talented musicians from the Ithaca area. This EP was produced by musician and Producer, Bill Ring.

Rena Guinn performs locally in the finger lakes region of New York. Sometimes solo, sometimes with acoustic accompaniment or with her new electric band that is sure to rock the house. She currently resides in her little cabin just outside of Ithaca, NY. When she is not performing, she's writing songs, dancing to live music, gardening or doing carpentry. She is currently working on releasing her next album, titled, 'Is This Now?' This album introduces a new 'electric' side of Rena  and also goes back home, in a few songs, to the roots of acoustic music. 

These Days
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"Rena Guinn sings like an angel and writes like the devil. Every so often a performer comes along who can tell your story by telling her own. She writes what she feels, and somehow, it's exactly what you feel. She sings from her heart, and it's yours that is speaking. It's a gift given to only a few, like Rena.

I could tell you about her Dad who gave her the songwriting bug, or about her brother Adam that carries on the tradition, or about her mother, who is an artist, or maybe about how she built her own house out of straw. (No 3 little pigs joke, please.) But, above all, it's the music that matters. So don't listen to me, go listen to Rena Guinn. She has what you need."

-Bill Ring, Musician and producer

"Simply put, Rena Guinn is from another time and space. Her soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting will take you there. From the depths of loss to the rising sun, she is qualified to move you."

Cosmic Theo, Musician

Let Me Go To Waste
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  • Saturday July 29 Lucky Hare Brewing Hector, NY 5-8- Debut String Band 'Turkeytail'

  • Tuesday August 8 Barnstormer Winery Rock stream N.Y. 5-8

  • Friday August 11 Lion's Gate Festival

  • Thursday August 24 Atwater Winery Hector, NY 6-8

  • Friday August 25 South Hill Cider Tom Petty Tribute Show with Freight

  • Friday September 8 Spirit Kindred Medicine Gathering Ithaca N.Y.

  • Sunday September 10 Barnstormer Winery Rock Stream N.Y. 10th anniversary 4-8

  • Wednesday September 13 Lucky Hare Brewing Hector, N.Y. 6-8

  • Sunday September 17 Finger Lakes Distilling Hector, N.Y. 1-4

  • Friday September 22 Toast Winery Rock Stream N.Y 3-6

  • Sunday September 24 Two Goats Brewing Hector N.Y. 4-7 With full band 'Rena Guinn & the Gentlemen 

  • Sunday October 1 Folk Faces Festival Songwriter circle

  • Friday October 6 Finger Lakes Cider House Interlaken N.Y. 5-8 w/ Anni Sumi


Porch Song
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"Rena Guinn's voice is clear, unique, soulful, strong and a touch of smoky in all the right places. Her style is defined and her delivery is dynamite. Her lyrics and overall sound make us want to listen again and again!"

Elisa Keeler 

Freeing Your Voice and Elisa & The Yes Men.


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